Day 30 – Don’t Give Up.

Philippians 4:1
…stand firm in the Lord in this way…

Here’s where I want to remind you that we are so close to the 40 Days of Prayer Challenge finish line. So stand firm, pray fervently, and don’t give up. Keep on moving and pressing forward.

Just a few reminders as we approach this last 10 day lap:

1. We are still praying at 7:14 every morning. Go back and reread 2 Chronicles 7:14. Ask God to refresh your spirit through that verse. Continue praying for the things that you’ve been praying for, and please begin praying for the transition that will be taking place within our church ministries. It’s important that we prayer up before the moves take place.

2. Encourage each other to continue praying. Take a few minutes this week to check up on each other. If you’ve fallen off the wagon, then just get back on. If you’ve been on the ball, then keep rockin’ it. Remember, this new prayer culture shouldn’t be ending on August 1st, there should be a continuation and renewed passion for this kind of praying.

3. Keep writing down your prayers. Journal them and/or takes notes of your prayer petitions. Later on it’ll be good to take a look back to see the faithfulness of God along with His perfect timing.

Has God answered any of your prayers over these last 30 days? Are there things that you are still praying for? Is there anything that I can help you pray?

Day 29 – Pour Out.

Psalm 62:8
Trust in him at all times, you people; pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge.

I came across this passage of scripture today. It really seems to clearly sum up two different roles in life: God’s role, and our own role. Let’s take a quick look.

Our role:
1. Trust in him at all times.
Trust requires faith. Trust requires us letting go of something. Trust signifies dependency. Our role is to trust God at all times and in everything that we do.
2. Pour out our hearts to him.
I really believe that we best pour ourselves out to God when we pray. We do so because when we pray, it’s just a one on one conversation with God. Just me and God. Just you and God. At this point it gets really personal and real. But that’s a great place to be because it’s then that we can really pour out what’s inside of us – particularly our hearts.

God’s role:
He’s boss, and He is our refuge. That is to say that He keeps us safe and shelters us from danger, pursuit, or trouble. It is something that only our Almighty God can do. God will refuge us when we begin to trust Him and pour out to Him.

So seek Him with all of your heart, and trust Him at all times and in everything. God is able and more than enough.

Is there anything I can help you pray for this week?


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